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CPI Property Group belongs among the most important
real estate groups in Europe

CPI Property Group is a leading real estate company with core activities in CEE and Germany, concentrating on long-term investments, Real estate lease and Asset Management.

CPI Property Group maintains a well-balanced and diversified portfolio with a value of  EUR 4.2 billion. This includes a comprehensive range of properties located in Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and Romania.

The Group is established on solid foundations and secure backing from the major shareholder, Mr. Radovan Vitek, who has concentrated over 20 years of successful investment experience in the CEE markets. In June 2014, Mr. Vitek contributed 100% of CPI´s shares into that of the GSG Group. This unification under the newly titled CPI Property Group has created an extensive and very capable European real estate competitor which has empowered further opportunities in business activities and strategic diversification.

Further significant features are the long-standing relationships with lending institutions and experienced regional teams in core markets. The Group has a substantial track record in acquisitions and development in conjunction with the financing of projects and issuing of new corporate and project bonds. CPI Property Group has its registered seat in Luxembourg and as a public company is listed on the Regulated Market of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

CPI is the largest, most comprehensive owner of retail spaces with more than 700,000 sqm of leasable area in the Czech Republic alone.

The Group’s focal point is predominantly on mid-sized shopping areas, retail parks and supermarkets with long-term contracts experiencing high occupancy rates and generating substantial yet reliable revenues. The high stability of retail has the advantage to adapt to market conditions and economic changes without substantial losses.

The Group occupies the post of the largest and most successful Czech proprietor and developer of hotels across central Europe, within our extensive hotel portfolio there are well known brands such as Clarion, Mamaison and Buddha-Bar Hotels.

The office sector represents a primary segment of the company’s portfolio with a total of 1,323,000 m2 leasable office space. The Group’s 92 office assets include award-winning high quality architecture, up-to-date energy efficient technologies combined with excellent access to inner-city transportation links in prestigious locations. The Berlin portfolio of modern business parks and historical commercial properties has developed into a considerable component notably magnifying the Group’s holdings by 850,000 m2.

CPI Property Group is a significant participant in the residential housing market. It is the second largest provider of residential leasing with over 12,500 high capacity apartments in the Czech Republic alone.

The Group´s new development strategy to increase value has resulted in the completion of major projects in centre of Prague. Quadrio, a multi-purpose office, retail and hi-end residential complex and Meteor Centre Office Park. Additionally, work was completed on the luxury residential development Palais Maeterlinck, a resort located in Nice on the Côte d' Azur.

A paramount element of the company has been the series of recent acquisitions to support the diversification of the portfolio. The Group procured Crans-Montana-Aminona (CMA) SA, a luxury ski resort in the heart of the Swiss Alps. Furthermore the Group acquired Ablon Group, a Hungarian real estate developer with over 220,000 m2 of leasable area and Spojene farmy, an exclusive organic dairy portfolio with over 18,000,000 m2 of prime farmland in Czech Republic.

Whithin the last 4 years the Group has found success in the realisation of its public emissions of corporate and project bonds. This has opened the door to further sources of financing the Group´s actions. The consolidation of Czech Property Investments with the German GSG Group, a leading provider of commercial space in Berlin, has significantly enhanced the capacity and calibre of CPI Property Group.


Martin Němeček


Zdeněk Havelka

Executive Director

Tomáš Salajka

Director of Acquisitions, Asset Management & Sales

Pavel Měchura