GSG-Hof Helmholtzstraße

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For connoisseurs of industrial architecture the listed industrial complex with its five-story factory facade in the northeastern part of Berlin-Charlottenburg is a feast for the eyes.

In the place where OSRAM once produced the world-famous light bulbs, young and innovative companies can be found today. The red brick building situated between the river Spree and the Landwehr canal in Berlin-Charlottenburg was erected in 1898/1899 as a light bulb factory for Siemens & Haske. In 1919, the electric bulb company Auer Enterprise, which patented the OSRAM brand in 1906, merged with AEG and Siemens & Haske – and eventually became the company OSRAM, which was based right there.

Today, the renovated GSG-HOF is situated in Campus Charlottenburg with its internationally significant research facilities. Office space, factory loft or commercial space – the areas offered ranges from 70 sqm for offices to about 730 sqm for commercial space. Companies from the business fields of telematics and IT application can move into office rooms at the “European Telematics Factory“(ETF).

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