CPI Property Group to pull down Spektrum shopping centre in Čestlice and replace it with a new and unique strip mall

CPI Property Group (CPIPG) is to replace the Spektrum shopping centre in Čestlice with a new shopping facility boasting a modern minimalistic design. The new Spektrum will stand out among projects of a similar kind, and CPIPG describes it as a strip mall, a category typical for its open concept and “convenience shopping” principle. The existing Spektrum will shut its doors at the end of June next year. The new-look is being developed by renowned architects. The design of the mall itself will come from Chapman Taylor Architects, while the surroundings are being designed by Šmídová Landscape Architects. Following an investment reaching some CZK 300 million, the strip mall will open in time for Christmas 2020.

“It is no secret that nearby Průhonice and other local neighbourhoods are home to people with higher disposable incomes and purchasing power of up to 40 per cent above the national average. They are the core target clientele of Spektrum and with these residents in mind, the new Spektrum project was conceived to provide a combination of comfortable and easily accessible shopping opportunities at the required level. In designing the new strip mall, we are focusing on creating a beautiful environment uniting high-quality materials and sophisticated landscaping,” explains Ondřej Křivanec, CPIPG’s Asset Manager.

The new Spektrum will house up to 20 retail units spanning a leasable area of 6,600 m². The building will offer potential tenants an opportunity to select a “duplex” design for their retail unit, i.e. the possibility of adding a second floor and thus extending the available sales area. The strip mall’s premium quality will also be underlined by its surroundings featuring 30 plant and four tree species.

“The decision to replace the existing Spektrum with a brand new shopping mall stemmed from a number of analyses and studies, and we are confident that we have come up with the best possible solution. Whenever we undertake a shopping centre modernisation, we always place great emphasis on providing a bespoke outcome tailored to the needs of the target group of customers. That is why our Quadrio mall features above-standard catering facilities, while IGY in České Budějovice is all about fashion and Spektrum will meet the needs of those seeking high-standards in quick and comfortable shopping,” adds Petr Brabec, Head of Asset Management Shopping Centres at CPIPG.


Jakub Velen

Jakub Velen

PR & Marketing Director/Spokesman
CPI Property Group