Hotel Clarion, České Budějovice expands with new rooms and a multi-purpose hall

Real estate Company, CPI Property Group has introduced a project for the expansion of the Clarion Congress Hotel in České Budějovice, with extensions to hotel rooms and a brand new multi-purpose hall. "We see great potential in the long term attractiveness of the South Bohemian capital which has encouraged us to invest in this expansion. To the existing hotel we will create a completely new congress hall with a capacity of up to 800 visitors, with the addition of 75 new hotel rooms to be built on three floors," said Zdeněk Havelka, Executive Director of CPI Property Group. Investor confidence in the locality is strong, this year in České Budějovice, nearby the congress hotel Clarion, the Group will be completing the extensive reconstruction and brand new addition of the IGY shopping centre. The Group also owns and operates the Géčko shopping centre in České Budějovice.

The new multi-purpose hall along with new hotel rooms will be built on the existing car park, which will be replaced by a 263 capacity car park, with the ground floor below the congress hall remaining accessible for bus and truck parking. The primary object of the new extension will be the principal multi-purpose hall, designed for congress events, balls, concerts, exhibitions and other social events. Thanks to mobile partitions, space can be divided, allowing multiple events to take place simultaneously. There will be a generous 1,000 m² foyer, with two bars and facilities for guests and hotel staff. Above the congress hall and car park, 75 new hotel rooms will be located on three floors, adding to the existing 205 hotel rooms all in the world-renowned, four-star quality brand of Clarion Hotel.

The design of the Kročák architecture studio fully adheres to the current town planning regulations in České Budějovice and meets all other legislative conditions such as distance, sunlight and lighting of adjacent buildings. At the same time, it respects and preserves as much as possible the current greenery, which will be complemented by additional planted trees and shrubs. The studio proposed an extension as a dynamic object, however, it links to the existing object of the hotel both on the functional and the material side. At the same time, the object will be deliberately situated at a distance from the main street Pražská, so that it will not dominate and naturally merge with the current hotel object.

The start of construction is scheduled for the beginning of 2019, with the opening ceremony expected to be in mid-2020. Construction costs are estimated at €14 million with total investment costs reaching €16 million.


Jakub Velen

Jakub Velen

PR & Marketing Director/Spokesman
CPI Property Group