Nova Zbrojovka’s revitalisation in full swing

In 2016, the premises of the former Brno arms factory was taken over by the investment group CPI Property Group, which presented the development project Nová Zbrojovka. A new modern neighbourhood is steadily emerging from the brownfield in the wider centre of Brno. At present, the issue of transport infrastructure, the revitalisation of the surrounding area and the clearing of individual spaces is being addressed. Citizens of Brno are anticipating the first renovated and modernised spaces on the two-year horizon, says Ladislav Všetečka, Project Manager and Coordinator of the multifunctional project Nová Zbrojovka Brno.

The project management team, alongside local architects, are currently solving the revitalisation of the former production facilities. Buildings will have to undergo demolition or complete reconstruction. Primarily, the renovation of the Prospera (tall, red building) object, which is designed to be converted into an administrative building, will create up to 2,000 new local jobs. It will be the first modernised building in the New Zbrojovka project. The largest renovations will begin in the winter of this year. This is not in effect demolition, but is essentially the disconnection and removal of the original utility infrastructure, the removal of all floors and industrial cleaning of the building. The generated revitalisation waste will be processed using the highest environmentally responsible procedures.

"As part of the demolition work on the existing buildings, we are doing our upmost to categorise and recycle the material, namely, structural concrete, brick masonry, asphalt surfaces and aggregates from the underlying layers of roads and railway siding. Depending on the type of waste, we will use appropriate parts of the buildings, such as backfills of the demolished underground sections, the consolidation of foundations and the levelling of the surfaces and landscaping, " adds Všetečka. The administrative building with current tenants is also steadily emerging. This object will undergo a complete reconstruction, at the same time, it will be restored to its original design. In addition to the modern office and production areas, there will be a varied range of apartments immediately after the change of the planning permission of land. Approximately 800 new apartments are planned for construction including apartments for rent and sale from studios for first-time buyers to exclusive apartments with riverside terrace views. CPI Property Group's aspiration is the complete opening up of a previously closed, unused and restricted area in the centre of Brno. Access to the projects public area and the introduction of urban public transport in the new district will facilitate the transport between the Brno district of Husovice and the train station, Zidenice.


Jakub Velen

Jakub Velen

PR & Marketing Director/Spokesman
CPI Property Group